How does is work? How to have your lost items returned to you?

1. Register on this site.

2. Print off your labels and tag your belongings.

3. When you accidentally lose an item someone finds your items with the If Found Tag ID and enters it in this site with a message.

5. You receive the message anywhere in the world via email, contact the person and retrieve your belongings.


How is it different from other "if lost" or "if found" Tag sites?

Most other Tag sites charge either a service fee or a price for their labels. We wanted to provide a site that allowed you to print off your own labels for free. If your lost items were found, they could then be returned to you.


About If Found Tag?

If Found Tag is service aimed purely at helping people return items to their rightful owners. If your items are lost and found they can be returned to you via this website by using your unique label ID. It's available in any country to anyone who wants to use it. We don't charge any service fees. All we ask is you donate $1 or $2 if your belongings are returned to you by means of this site. It's not a compulsory fee, just a suggested donation.


Why not just write my contact details on my belongings?

Sure, that would work. However, people change addresses, phone numbers and emails. If you're travelling, your home address or phone number may not be any help so your lost items can't be returned to you. Now-a-days it's not a good idea to write personal details and leave them accessible to the public. With a name, or phone number people can look up your address and know where you live with very little effort. If Found Tag keeps all your details private. Nothing is revealed to the other party. You choose how much, if any, information you disclose.


How does it work?

The ID given to you is unique to your account. When someone finds one of your belongings and enters the ID number in the form on the homepage, they are then given another form to enter a message.

After they have entered their message and clicked Send... the message will be emailed to you.

After you have received their message you can contact them to arrange collection of your belongings.


Why is this site free?

The only costs we incur are hosting fees. Tags and labels are created by you or purchased through other outlets. You arrange the engraving or printing, it's all up to you how you tag your belongings.


Should I use 1 ID or multiple ID's?

That's up to you. You may just want to use the one ID on all your belongings, or have a different ID for each item. You can use one ID on items you will never sell, e.g. keyrings, watch, etc. Then use separate ID's on items you may sell in the future e.g. laptop, tablet, musical instruments.


Can I choose my own ID?

Yes, but it must contain at least 1 letter.


Do you sell your members email addresses or other information?

Never. No way. Your privacy is paramount. Please read our privacy policy for full details.


Can I contact you?

Sure can, see the Support section and fill in the form to send me an email.



Is my personal information safe?

Yes it is. We hate spam and other unsolicited emails. Your information will not be shared or sold to other parties. See our Privacy Policy for more information.